St. Nicholas Greek School, one of the longest continuously running Greek Language Schools in the United States, offers classes for both children (K – 7th grade) and for adults. Classes for children start in Kindergarten and continue through 7th grade on Saturdays. Adult classes are offered on weekday evenings.

The curriculum combines acquiring skills in learning the Greek Language, culture, history, and our Orthodox faith as well as preparing students for succeeding with proficiency exams.

During the past decade, dozens of students have successfully passed the internationally known proficiency exams – Ellinomatheas from the Centre of Greek Language in Thessaloniki, Greece, as well as, the Comprehensive Exams of Modern Greek, known as, the Regents from the Archdiocese.

This year for safety concerns with Covid 19, classes will be virtual, starting on October 3 for children. Adult classes will start during mid-October.

For more information, please email Maria Stamoolis at or contact her through the Church Office at 412-682-3866.