Those baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church are eligible for a church funeral service.


It is common for a viewing to take place the day before the funeral at the funeral home or mortuary. During this time, the priest prays the Trisagion Service for the deceased and the family. “Trisagion” means “Thrice-Holy,” and is so named because the prayer, “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us,” is repeated three times.


The funeral service is held at a Greek Orthodox Church The service can be scheduled on any day except Sundays or Holy Saturday. The service includes readings, prayers and hymns. After the prayer, the priest offers a sermon to give inspirational messages to the mourners regarding life and death. To personalize the service, he may also use this opportunity to share personal information about the deceased.

The casket is placed facing east with the feet toward the altar. Commonly, there is an open casket to allow mourners to view the deceased, pay last respects and give a farewell kiss, also referred to as ”the last kiss”. After the funeral each mourner passes by the casket before exiting the church.


At the gravesite, the Trisagion Service is performed once again, after which the deceased is lowered into the ground facing East. The priest may also seal the casket with oil and sand.

Funeral Luncheon

In the Greek Orthodox funeral tradition, it is customary, but not obligatory, to host a luncheon known as the Makaria or “mercy-meal” after the burial. This gathering serves as a comforting communal space for friends and family to reflect and remember. Symbolically, fish is often featured as the main dish, echoing the post-resurrection meals of Christ. However, the menu remains a personal choice for each family.

Our team is here to support you with arrangements such as hall availability, beverage options, linens, and overall set-up to honor this solemn occasion. For specific culinary preferences, please engage directly with our preferred caterers, whose contact details can be found here. We are committed to ensuring the Makaria reflects your family’s wishes, providing a respectful and comforting environment during this time of remembrance.

Memorial Service

Memorial services are held, usually beginning 40 days after the funeral, as an expression to God for His mercy, and also as a remembrance of the deceased. The Trisagion Service can be offered after one year and at any time the family wants. When these services take place, the Office Manager can assist the family with information regarding sponsoring coffee after church, or making arrangements for Kolyva, the traditional boiled wheat dish which is offered in commemoration for the deceased.


For more information, please contact Father Eleftherios through the Church Office at (412) 682-3866.